Guess what happens when you don’t blog for a whole month

You beat the record for highest number of page views? That doesn’t sound right, but that’s what happened. The last time I posted was February 27th, and March 27th now holds my record for highest number of page views. Go figure.

It’s really sad that I haven’t posted in so long. Especially since I have posts ready to go…pictures and everything. I don’t know what my problem is. Aaron told me the other day, “All your readers are out there sitting at their computers, just waiting.” Haha.

Exciting things:

1. I updated my About Me page. I had forgotten about the original one, and it made me cringe when I read it. I’m sure this one will make me do the same after a while. (Do you know what else makes me cringe? Reading old posts and finding awful typos. Seriously? Someone comment and tell me to fix that garbage…I’m looking at you, Nikki.)

2. I finished my CFY, but I still have to send all my paperwork in.

3. Shaytards are having another baby.

4. I found out I can have the Publix deli make me special order buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese if I let them know in advance.

5. I’ve been going running. I’m doing the couch to 5k program because it’s free on my phone and I like following a program. I can run more than that though.

6. I registered for a color run 5k.

That’s all I got 🙂 Here’s to hoping I get back in the swing of things.


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