Desk Makeover: The Big Reveal

Hey y’all.

I know it’s been awhile, but remember my $25 Waterfront Mission desk that I brought home before a hurricane?

Well it’s been complete for a while, but I haven’t shown it off since I took my little blogging hiatus.

The big reveal…

desk pin

Here are some links to previous blog posts that show my methods and progress all along.

My $25 Waterfront Mission Find

Sanding and Priming

My OOPS with Oil Based Primer

A Couple Coats of Paint

Hardware Hassles

The most expensive part about this furniture re-do was the “feet.” I didn’t realize when I bought this desk that it was so short! I looked just like a typical office desk, but when I sat at it, the drawer hit my legs. It was not functional.

I tried many different kinds of bun feet before deciding that these plain square ones looked the best with the geometric patterns on the cabinet doors.


Close-ups of the hardware.


The cabinet hardware was a bit of an ordeal too. The space between the holes was not standard, so I had to get creative. These are actually just fake doorknob wall decor that I found at Hobby Lobby (so you know I got a good deal).


Here’s a peek inside my cabinets.



I love the painted interior of my drawers. It makes me happy every time I open them.


Here I go showing off my organizational secrets. 🙂


Thanks for reading!



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