Funfetti Dip: No Mixing Bowl Required

2013 Goal #2: Make ALL the practical recipes on my Pinterest.

I’ve got to get started somewhere.

I’ve pinned lots of “batter” and “dough” flavored dips before. To be honest I’ve never made them because, well you see, when I want to eat something “batter” or “dough” flavored…I just go for the hard stuff.

Haley + roll of Toll House + spoon = successful evening in.

And hey! No salmonella poisoning in the 24 years I’ve been eating raw dough. Just call me Gaston.

I decided to try this recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny because it only called for 3 ingredients (plus cookies for dipping).



1 box of Funfetti cake mix

2 cups of fat free plain yogurt

1 cup of Light Cool Whip

I was at Aaron’s apartment trying to make this and he did not have a mixing bowl.

Aaron: “Just use a pot.”

Haley: “How am I going to blog about this if I mix it in a pot? I can’t take pictures of a pot!”

Aaron: “Just make fun of me for not having a bowl.”

I present to you Aaron’s pot.


Put all the ingredients together.


Mix well until the consistency is smooth (and very photogenic).


The directions say to then cover it with plastic wrap and let it chill for about 4 hours. Obviously I went ahead and ate some prior to chilling because I have no self control.


Tasted just like cake batter! Very rich though.

I dipped animal crackers in it, but graham crackers would probably be really good too.

While I let the rest of the dip chill in the fridge, I made sure to lick the spatula clean. It just seems like the most natural way to eat cake batter 🙂

One more Pinterest recipe down, a bazillion more to go!



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