Obligatory Pretty Little Liars Reaction Post

Let me just go ahead and say there will be *spoilers* for the summer finale of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars.

I had a lot of things I needed to do tonight. A whole list in fact.

  • sign a contract and mail a check
  • finish online portion of VitalStim course
  • call Verizon about my deposit
  • put away clean laundry
  • unpack from last weekend, etc.

Lots of boring things. Yet here I am sitting in front of my computer reading tweets and fan theories about Pretty Little Liars, totally aghast.

I love it. Best finale ever.


They better not pull a Toby.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Ezra. He is one of my favorite characters. How can you not love him?…well after you get over that whole teacher student relationship thing…

But I’ll take an amazing storyline any day. There is no character, other than one of the 4 main characters or a parent, that would have been as shocking. I sincerely hope that Ezra is and always was A.

I immediately became the double rainbow guy. “What does it mean!???!!!” Now I have to go back and watch all the previous seasons and look for clues.

To be honest, it wasn’t a total shocker because I read this blog ages ago. Like before we knew Mona was the first A. If you read that blog, they were betting on Ezra the whole time, even as the first A, citing that “A can’t be Mona because the producers said it’s someone different that the books.” It seemed like a crazy fan theory, but it definitely sparked something in my brain, so I’ve never ruled him out as a possibility. But I flip flop all the time. I never thought the show would actually do that! Okay, okay. I’ll admit it was a total shocker, but my friend Nikki will confirm that mere moments before he was revealed I said “It’s Wren, NO! I BET IT’S EZRA!!”

I love it. I can’t wait to read more of the clues people found pointing to Ezra.


There was never an Aria/Ezra relationship. It was a a ruse. He has been obsessed with Allison the whole time. It took a while for that to sink in. That time in the flashback episode I thought he just had a little cameo at Hollis…Nope. Actually major clue.

I can’t even.

Do you know what my biggest question is though? WHO TAMPERED WITH EMILY’S CEREAL?! For real. How did ol’ Ezra get all those cereal pieces to be the letter A? He must have a contact at Kellogg. 🙂 Haha. That happened. That was about the time in this show when I almost gave up on it because A’s stunts were getting so unrealistic.

Obviously we still don’t know everything. Who killed Allison? Did anyone kill Allison? Is she alive? Are we gonna do the whole crazy twin thing? How are all these suspicious people intertwined? Do we know that Cece killed Wilden?

Right now I think yes, she did. I think Wilden and Ezra were friends. Cece was with Wilden and Ezra was with Ali. Ezra took that one picture. Ali and Cece were both trying to get rid of crazy ex boyfriends.

I don’t know. I’ll change my mind I’m sure.

Here’s what I thought was stupid. Mrs. Grunwald (she plays creepy very well). I didn’t like how there was a little bit of a supernatural element added. So she had a feeling and just knew Ali was being buried alive, drove to her house, looked in her backyard, and saw a hand coming out of the ground? Stupid. Also, did we ever know the connection between Ali and Grunwald? Why would she call an old lady all the time? Was it like a secret psychic hotline or something?

So many questions. Now I need to get back to my list of things to do and go to sleep.sig



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2 responses to “Obligatory Pretty Little Liars Reaction Post

  1. AH I WAS SO SHOCKED! Literally spent like the last hour just reading other posts on clues they had showed that he was A! So many questions I can’t wait until the the next episode!

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