Chickfila Secret Sauce Recipe

Using ketchup at Chickfila is like eating chicken fingers at a Mexican restaurant. You can, but you’re kind of missing the point.

The Top 2 Best Things About Chickfila:

1. the sweet tea

2. amazing sauce selection

If I haven’t been upfront enough, I love Chickfila. I know it’s not good for me, but I eat there about once a week because there is one close by my work. As a Chickfila regular I know the best sauces.

3. spicy salad dressing (for sandwiches, nuggets, and fries)

2. honey roasted BBQ (Do people not know about this one? Ask for it. It comes in a squeeze packet, not a dipping one.)

1. my “secret” concoction

You may be wondering “Why are you giving away your secret?” The last time I went to chickfila and asked for Polynesian and Buffalo sauces the cashier said, “Do you mix them together? I DO TOO!”

My secret is getting out. I need to lay some sort of claim to my invention. This is the best I got. Whenever Chickfila starts marketing Spicy Polynesian sauce, at least you’ll know it was my idea first 🙂


Here’s how you do it. The order is very important. First dip your nugget/fry in Polynesian, then dip it in Buffalo. Is it high maintenance? Yes. Delicious and worth it? Totally. Haha.

Did this really call for it’s own blog post. Probably not 🙂

Oh well.sig


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