Sprucing up my Burlap Wreath

Like my new wreath decorations?

To see my DIY Burlap Wreath tutorial, read this post. (My most popular blog post ever, thanks to Pinterest!)

To see how I added the flowers and decorated it before, read this post.


I think the magically floating “H” is a nice touch, don’t you? Dental floss. Voila! Obviously I need to get a bigger letter because it does look a little silly, but it will work in the meantime. I used 4 pieces of dental floss on each corner of my “H” and fastened it to the wire wreath frame. I secured all 4 corners tightly because I didn’t want the “H” to tap my door and creep me out late at night.

The main reason I updated my wreath is I saw so many cute burlap wreaths on Pinterest using that gray chevron burlap. It’s the most adorable thing ever! I just pulled my lace strand out and switched it for the chevron. I started with one end where the flowers are and just picked a spot here and there to pull the chevron under the wire frame. The opposite side of the ribbon doesn’t have the pattern on it, so I did have to work with it a bit so the chevron was always showing.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out! sig


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  1. Sprucing up my Burlap Wreath | housegirlhaley

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