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Painted Drawers & Hart of Dixie

I didn’t go to Turbokick tonight. I don’t have a good excuse either. I changed into my workout clothes and was about to walk out the door when I realized I needed gas. I knew I wouldn’t make it to class on time if I stopped to get gas, so I just didn’t go. I also did not go get gas, so that will be fun on my way to work tomorrow.

Instead I continued working on a furniture project. I got really tired of sitting out in my hot garage to paint, so I made a set-up in my living room. Please tell me I’m not the only person who paints furniture in the living room. Here’s my set-up.IMG_0915

My “tarp” is an old rug I had in my college apartment. I just flipped it over so the carpet side is down, and the more plastic-y side is up. I guess my reasoning is I don’t want to get paint on the “good” side. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m never going to use this rug again except for as an indoor painting tarp. I just decided that I’m going to flip it over so I can sit on the more comfortable carpet side from now on. The plastic-y side hurts after you’ve sat on it for a while.IMG_0917

Let me tell you. These drawers are tedious. All that molding is going to be the end of me. Prior to moving my paint studio inside these were primed and had one coat of navy. The first night in I did the three simple drawers. It has taken me a whole evening to complete one of the more elaborate drawers. That means you are looking at three days of hard work…and I have two more elaborate drawers to go. Aren’t they pretty though?IMG_0918

While I was painting away I put some Netflix on (major benefit to indoor painting). I just started watching Hart of Dixie.

I love this show now. I’ve only seen advertisements before tonight, and it was just one of those shows that I kept meaning to watch but never did. It is right up my alley. Sweet Home Alabama, but with Rachel Bilson instead of Reese Witherspoon. Precious. I love looking at what everyone on the show is wearing. Rachel Bilson always has the cutest shorts on. I also get a kick out of Lemon’s 50s housewife dresses. Yeah. You heard me right. There is a character named Lemon. And her dad is named Brick. Lemon and Brick.

I have this random hard-to-appreciate joke that I’m going to name my future son Plate (because if you say plate so many times it starts to lose meaning and kind of sounds like a good name). Anyway. I think my future son Plate would be a great character on this show. He’d fit right in with Lemon and Brick (except not a jerk).



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