Disney post from 6 months ago, WHAT???…(just go with it)

Editing pictures can be tedious. And let me tell you…when you have a whole bunch of blog posts planned that require you to edit a bajillion Disney pictures…well, it’s no wonder I’ve put it off for so long. That coupled with all the stresses of daily life means it’s been a while since I blogged. I’m just going to pick up right where we left off because, like I said before, I have a plan.

Who cares that Thanksgiving is next week. Are you ready to check out my Disney trip from May? In this post I want to share just some of my favorite pictures and moments from our trip.

Our first night at Disney we went to Downtown Disney and of course World of Disney to play with some toys. Here I am as  Jedi/Samuel L. Jackson. Look at that intensity.


Aaron trained me up well.


After walking around Downtown Disney we did something new to us. We caught the river cruise over to Port Orleans to do a little resort hopping and eat at the quick service restaurant over there. (You should check out my post about all the food we ate on our trip!) It was so much fun riding the boat around and exploring the other resort.

I love walking in to Magic Kingdom for the first time every trip. I know I should follow crowd calendars and all that, but I just feel like I have to go to Magic Kingdom first. It’s just so Disney.

The iconic Cinderella’s Castle and the boyfriend and I all matchy-matchy.

The iconic shot of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.

It actually rained on us pretty hard when we went to EPCOT, so we sought shelter in one of the Innoventions buildings. We walked around looking for something fun to do and stumbled upon this piggy bank game. I basically had to drag Aaron along to do this with me. He was all “This is for kids” and I was all “We are trapped here so we are going to entertain ourselves one way or another.” It was a game to teach kids about personal finance. Fun, right? Actually YES! We BOTH had a surprising amount of fun with it.


There’s our little piggy bank. When you get started you have to pick a goal to save for. The options were vacation, college education, or retirement. We picked retirement because 1. We were sure we would be the only people in the history of Disney World to pick that one and 2. We thought it was hilarious. Then you play games and stuff and your little piggy gets heavier…It was a grand old time. I highly recommend it. Haha.

Here we are on a prettier day at Animal Kingdom.


We went to Rafiki’s planet watch because neither of use had been there before, and I was so excited because I found a hidden Mickey.

Y’all. I do not look for hidden Mickey’s. I completely stumbled on this one and it took me by surprise. Aaron had gone to the bathroom, and I was leaning on a wall waiting for him when I saw it. I for real turned to a random lady next to me and said “Did I just find a hidden Mickey!!” I was so ridiculously excited.

Also on this trip, I figured out that I could zoom with my camera. Yep. Did not know how to do that until I was on the safari at Animal Kingdom. Glad I figured it out though, because we got up close and personal with some giraffes (my favorite!). I’m very proud of this giraffe hiney picture.


Aaron tasting the rainbow at EPCOT.


Phone booth in UK.


Aaron’s British Superman impression.


For the record Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is rigged.


Look how happy he is with himself. He maxed out the level. It’s ridiculous really. Nothing to do with skill at all. This was in like the first room. Note my score here:

IMG_0613I just gave up.

After the fact we heard that you can get a special button for doing this, but we didn’t know at the time, so Aaron is buttonless and only has these pictures to vouch for his amazing space ranger skills.

More Disney goodness to come 🙂 You can always read about our last trip to Disney here.



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