I grew up in Belle’s house: A New Fantasy Land review

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On our most recent trip to Disney World we got to experience New Fantasy Land for the first time. We went to Disney at the end of 2012, but nothing new was really open then (that’s why I wanted to come back so soon. Haha!)This time I got the full Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid experience…and yeah, Dumbo was there too, but I’m really all about the princesses.

Here we are in front of the new Beast’s castle. In all honesty, when I heard there were going to be more castles built, I imagined they would be on the same scale as Cinderella’s castle. They aren’t. That could be disappointing, but I think I like that Cinderella is the main event. She’s my favorite anyway.


Before we ate at the castle we had to go hang out with Belle at her new attraction, Enchanted Tales with Belle. Upon entering her house I came to the quick realization that I grew up in Belle’s house. What is this style? French country? I’m not sure but it has my mom’s name written all over it. It was really hard to get a good picture because this is really just a themed line and the room was packed with people, but just take this snapshot and run with it. Wooden furniture with heart cutouts. Low dresser with a bowl and pitcher. I’m pretty sure my mom owns that lantern shelf.


One of my favorite characters!


This is where they asked for volunteers. I will go ahead and say that this is a very kid-centered experience. Don’t get me wrong and think I’m a non-participator…I’d have knocked a kid down to get the chance to have the wand choosing experience at Ollivander’s in Harry Potter World. But this was just holding cardboard and making animal noises. Maybe if they were passing out real costumes I would have been interested.

Lumiere was pretty cool. I think I watched part of a documentary about how they made him  look so real. It was impressive.


And then Belle came out! It was definitely more fun to go through this experience than just standing in a line. I also think that it’s a good way for kids to meet Belle and really interact with her. I think sometimes kids don’t know what to say to character when they meet them, and this had a purpose. They told a story together.

Personally I was a little disappointed because I wanted to take a picture and meet Belle, but I didn’t volunteer to hold cardboard cutouts earlier , so I didn’t get to.

Afterwards we ate at Be Our Guest for lunch. Such good food. You can read about the food here. The theming of the restaurant was beautiful. We ate in the room with the music box, but here is a picture of the main dining room. The cherubs on the ceiling are just like from the movie!

IMG_0490You could also eat in the West Wing if you fought hard enough for a table. That’s where everyone wanted to eat. It’s really dark in there, so I was happy eating in the other room and just exploring the West Wing afterwards. The rose was set up and petals would fall off.

And the Beast’s picture would change as time passed.IMG_0489Even more Beauty and the Beast stuff was waiting on us. We got immersive!

Aaron posed with Gaston’s statue.

And sat in his chair in Gaston’s tavern.IMG_0494

Then we moved on to Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid.


This was another “castle.” Which I didn’t think really deserved to be called “a new castle.” It’s very small.IMG_0478

This ride was just a typical dark ride. It’s cool. I’m glad The Little Mermaid has a legitimate place in the park now, but the ride didn’t blow me away. I’m sure I’ll still ride it every time we go back thought. At least it has good music!

That’s all of the New Fantasy Land that I have to show you. I’m excited for the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarves mine train roller coaster they are adding. I guess we will just have to back sometime soon 😉



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