Hats Around the World: EPCOT World Showcase

I’ve always wanted to do this. Every other time I have tried to do Hats around the World I have failed. Eleven countries doesn’t seem like that many, but when you are walking and trying to enjoy all aspects of the country, you get distracted and tired and start to lose motivation. Aaron and I made it our mission to tough it out on this trip. We were up against a disappearing sun and my iphone that takes terrible pictures in the dark, but I’d say we succeeded.

Canada: Aaron dons a racoon, and I a Canadian flannel.


United Kingdom: a little Union Jack for me and a Trilby for him. (Couldn’t find him a flat top cap for anythng. Get with it Disney).


France: Berets for everyone! Very appropriate.


Morocco: Seriously. No hats. We scoured this place. I thought they would have a fez like Aladdin at least. This is Disney’s failure not ours. Get with the program Disney. Hats around the World is a thing!


Japan: Slacking a bit in the hat department. They had a lot of hats, but none very culturally representative. Aaron has a dragon. I tried to find a Hello Kitty hat or one of those furry animal hats with the hand pockets. No luck.


Murica!: Colonial tricorne for me and Uncle Sam for Aaron.IMG_0580

Italy: Some Italia mouse ears. There is a tiny gondalier hat on top, but you can’t appreciate it this picture. It’s there, guys. I promise.


Germany: Steins on our minds (Why am I so cheesy. Stop it.)


China: Rice hat for both of us!IMG_0595

Norway: Viking helmets! Aaron sans braids.IMG_0597

Mexico: Sombreros for novia and novio. IMG_0599So much fun!



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