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Painted Drawers & Hart of Dixie

I didn’t go to Turbokick tonight. I don’t have a good excuse either. I changed into my workout clothes and was about to walk out the door when I realized I needed gas. I knew I wouldn’t make it to class on time if I stopped to get gas, so I just didn’t go. I also did not go get gas, so that will be fun on my way to work tomorrow.

Instead I continued working on a furniture project. I got really tired of sitting out in my hot garage to paint, so I made a set-up in my living room. Please tell me I’m not the only person who paints furniture in the living room. Here’s my set-up.IMG_0915

My “tarp” is an old rug I had in my college apartment. I just flipped it over so the carpet side is down, and the more plastic-y side is up. I guess my reasoning is I don’t want to get paint on the “good” side. I don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m never going to use this rug again except for as an indoor painting tarp. I just decided that I’m going to flip it over so I can sit on the more comfortable carpet side from now on. The plastic-y side hurts after you’ve sat on it for a while.IMG_0917

Let me tell you. These drawers are tedious. All that molding is going to be the end of me. Prior to moving my paint studio inside these were primed and had one coat of navy. The first night in I did the three simple drawers. It has taken me a whole evening to complete one of the more elaborate drawers. That means you are looking at three days of hard work…and I have two more elaborate drawers to go. Aren’t they pretty though?IMG_0918

While I was painting away I put some Netflix on (major benefit to indoor painting). I just started watching Hart of Dixie.

I love this show now. I’ve only seen advertisements before tonight, and it was just one of those shows that I kept meaning to watch but never did. It is right up my alley. Sweet Home Alabama, but with Rachel Bilson instead of Reese Witherspoon. Precious. I love looking at what everyone on the show is wearing. Rachel Bilson always has the cutest shorts on. I also get a kick out of Lemon’s 50s housewife dresses. Yeah. You heard me right. There is a character named Lemon. And her dad is named Brick. Lemon and Brick.

I have this random hard-to-appreciate joke that I’m going to name my future son Plate (because if you say plate so many times it starts to lose meaning and kind of sounds like a good name). Anyway. I think my future son Plate would be a great character on this show. He’d fit right in with Lemon and Brick (except not a jerk).



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Sprucing up my Burlap Wreath

Like my new wreath decorations?

To see my DIY Burlap Wreath tutorial, read this post. (My most popular blog post ever, thanks to Pinterest!)

To see how I added the flowers and decorated it before, read this post.


I think the magically floating “H” is a nice touch, don’t you? Dental floss. Voila! Obviously I need to get a bigger letter because it does look a little silly, but it will work in the meantime. I used 4 pieces of dental floss on each corner of my “H” and fastened it to the wire wreath frame. I secured all 4 corners tightly because I didn’t want the “H” to tap my door and creep me out late at night.

The main reason I updated my wreath is I saw so many cute burlap wreaths on Pinterest using that gray chevron burlap. It’s the most adorable thing ever! I just pulled my lace strand out and switched it for the chevron. I started with one end where the flowers are and just picked a spot here and there to pull the chevron under the wire frame. The opposite side of the ribbon doesn’t have the pattern on it, so I did have to work with it a bit so the chevron was always showing.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out!Ā sig

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Desk Makeover: The Big Reveal

Hey y’all.

I know it’s been awhile, but remember my $25 Waterfront Mission desk that I brought home before a hurricane?

Well it’s been complete for a while, but I haven’t shown it off since I took my little blogging hiatus.

The big reveal…

desk pin

Here are some links to previous blog posts that show my methods and progress all along.

My $25 Waterfront Mission Find

Sanding and Priming

My OOPS with Oil Based Primer

A Couple Coats of Paint

Hardware Hassles

The most expensive part about this furniture re-do was the “feet.” I didn’t realize when I bought this desk that it was so short! I looked just like a typical office desk, but when I sat at it, the drawer hit my legs. It was not functional.

I tried many different kinds of bun feet before deciding that these plain square ones looked the best with the geometric patterns on the cabinet doors.


Close-ups of the hardware.


The cabinet hardware was a bit of an ordeal too. The space between the holes was not standard, so I had to get creative. These are actually just fake doorknob wall decor that I found at Hobby Lobby (so you know I got a good deal).


Here’s a peek inside my cabinets.



I love the painted interior of my drawers. It makes me happy every time I open them.


Here I go showing off my organizational secrets. šŸ™‚


Thanks for reading!


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Quatrefoil Kitchen

When I first moved into my rental house, I took it upon myself to paint. I used the whole “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” reasoning, and just did my thang. Let’s be honest here. I picked a totally beautiful neutral color. The owners should love me. I just upped the value of their rental property for them. (They’ve seen it, and the wife asked for the name of the color because she loved it so much (Sherwin Williams Popular Gray BTW). For this next painting project I’m about to unveil, I continued in my “devil may care” ways and didn’t ask permission. Is this something you could do in any rental property. Probably not. Is it something that would be easy to paint over when you leave? Totally…although it makes me really sad thinking of how easy it will be to paint roller over my tedious little quatrefoils that I slaved away on. prettiest My kitchen isn’t my favorite room in the house. The floors aren’t the greatest. They cabinets are kind of orange-y colored wood. The appliances speak for themselves. It’s kind of an awkward shape. (It redeems itself with a ton of storage, though). My kitchen needed a little pazazz. I’m going to take you through this whole process now, from my inspiration to how I figured out how the heck to do this for free. Oh yeah. Did I mention this cost me ZERO dollars. I’d been putting this off for a while and just started in the middle of the night one night. Here’s what I used: IMG_0350 1. A leftover sample of paint that I almost painted my house with, that ended up being a little too dark (Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige). 2. Leftover trim paint. White in a gloss finish. 3. Painters tape. Mine was frog tape because that’s what I had, but any type of masking tape would have worked. I used it to make my stencil. 4. A paintbrush that I’m pretty sure came from a children’s water color set. 5. A mechanical pencil.

So my first thought was, “I will stencil my wall using my Martha Stewart quatrefoil stencil that I already have.”Ā 
Um. No. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but stenciling like this is the most frustrating thing ever. I couldn’t do a single shape without it bleeding through! Plus you can only do one set at a time because you have to wait for each set to dry so you can layer over it to match up the pattern correctly. Like I’m going to spend all my time doing that AND THEN go back over to touch up everything. No. I’m not.
Then I stumbled uponĀ a vinyl quatrefoil backsplash. I was seriously considering this option, but it was going to cost me a whole lot of money because my kitchen is so loooong. I measured and calculated. Then I figured in me screwing up applying the vinyl, and the cost was just too much.Ā I kept seeing this pattern everywhere though, so I knew I had to find some way to make it work.
Using some pinterest resources I decided I was going to make my own stencil, trace it on the wall in a pattern, and then paint over the lines.
I found the stencil that is the exact same shape as the vinyl backsplash here (fo free!)I got real ghetto here, y’all. I just opened the file on my computer, and…(I hope Aaron doesn’t read this…he would be cringing)…I just used a pencil to lightly trace over the pattern onto paper. It was like those old light-up desks you used to trace on as a kid. Just like that. Except on a macbook screen. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t advocate this. Just print it out, guys. I only did it because I was so motivated to get started that night and my printer was upstairs and out of ink.

This next pinterest find inspired me to use painter’s tape to make my stencil.

Totally different from mine, but credit for inspiration where credit is due. All I did was cut out my clover shape, lay strips of tape over it, and trim it to shape of the paper. Then I flipped my clover over to the other side, laid striped of tape over it, and trimmed again. I just kept flipping and trimming until it got to a thickness I thought would hold up well to stenciling around the edges fifty billion times.

The painter’s tape stencil ended up working fabulously. It was very bendable, so I could fold it around corners and edges so easily. It was kind of miraculous. This next pin led me to a blog that gave me the technique I used to stencil and paint.The biggest take-away messsages I got from that blog are:

1. Don’t try to make it perfect. 2. Trace around the shape. Paint right over the line. 3. It won’t look perfect close up, but it will look fabulous from far away. 4. It’s very tedious and time consuming. 5. I probably should have made my shape a little bigger. So I got started stenciling and painting.half and half I was so impressed with myself after the first section. Then I thought,”Hey wait. I’m going to blog about this! I need before pictures.” full before stove before corner before Warning! It is very hard to stencil right-handed in a corner with a wall on your right side. You wish you had a picture of me in all the crazy positions I was stenciling in. At one point my foot was on top of the refrigerator. full after Look at that fancy wallpaper/tile backsplash! (Not the ugly appliances). prettiest Do you want to see it up close? small up close I mean really close? large up close See totally not perfect, but you can’t even tell from far away. I am in love with it and I would totally do it again. It’s a lot of tedious work, but the result was so worth it. I’m so excited to finish decorating my kitchen. Now all I need is some curtains, right? sig


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Burlap Drawers



I noticed something while I was shopping the other day: burlap insets on drawers.





I’ve never seen this before, so I thought it was strange that I saw it on two different pieces of furniture at two different stores. The first picture is Marshall’s and the second picture is TJMaxx/Homegoods. Ok, so they are basically the same store, but you get what I mean.

I was intrigued. I mean, I love burlap. I may need to try this someday when I re-do a chest of drawers. I especially love the nailhead details in the first picture.


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Kitchen Hutch Project: Complete

It’s complete! I finished re-doing my kitchen hutch.

It totally looks blue in that picture doesn’t it? It’s actually gray. Shutter gray to be exact. I used Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint. It has it’s pros and cons. I’d like to try some other types of paint for the “distressed look” before I form my final opinion, though.


If you recall this post, you will remember what my hutch looked like when I bought it.


It was actually a really nice piece, but one little adjustment made it much better.


See? Much better already.


Here are some “in-progress” painting pictures in my garage. Just one little overhead light doesn’t make for the best pictures. Most of my work was done after I got off work when it was dark outside, so this is the best you get.

I also used wood filler to fill all the holes ont he shelves from the decorative molding.

Ā IMG_0318


Then I sanded the edges to weather it some, and sealed it with wax.

This stuff was amazing by the way. I had no idea that you could seal furniture with wax like this. The instructions on the MMS Milk paint say to use the MMS furniture wax, but I just bought this Minwax kind for $10 at Home Depot. I was so impressed with myself as I was putting it on. It took away the chalky texture of the painted finish and made it feel like a nice expensive piece of furniture you would buy at a store. It blew my mind. It was pretty labor intensive to put it on though. My arms got a good workout that night.

After the wax dried, I just switched out the hardware for these trendy drawer pulls. OK OK. It wasn’t that easy. I bought the drawer pulls, and the original holes didn’t match up. Story of my life. Funny thing is that these drawer pulls have these little fake decorative screws on the front that would have matched the original holes in the drawers PERFECTLY, but the place where the screws actually went into the pulls were just inside. That’s probably hard to picture. Just take my word for it. It was frustrating.

I bought a drill and screwed new holes for the new drawer pulls…and VOILA!

My fancy new hutch.


I think the best part was having all that junk from the shelves and drawers off my kitchen counter.sig


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January 20th {photo-a-day}


1. I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. watching Arrested Development on Netflix

2. I slept in until 12:30 (lunchtime)

3. It was going to be a lazy day. I thought about not wearing makeup to lunch but then thought better of it. However. I didn’t think better of wearing exercise leggings for pants. DO you know what happens when you do that? You see people you know, that’s what. The last thing you want to be wearing when you see people you know is leggings as pants.

4. We ateĀ barbecueĀ at Dreamland.

5. Aaron wanted to go somewhere else, so we headed to my favorite antique store in Mobile. Everyone else we know was there too.

6. I bought Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk paint in shutter gray.

7. I drove home.

8. I immediately started painting my kitchen hutch.

9. I caught up on How I Met Your Mother and watched the new Revenge.

10. Now I’m blogging.


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