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Almost One Pot Lasagna

I have another Pinterest recipe to share 🙂 At this rate I may be close to making a dent in my goal for the year.


Almost One Pot Lasagna. This recipe is a winner. It’s quick. It’s delicious. And it’s actually pretty healthy. It’s so close to being a one pot dinner, but if you want to get everything going while your noodles are cooking you are going to need 2 pots.

Here’s what you need.



about 6 ounces of lasagna noodles (I used whole grain) broken into thirds

1 large onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic minced

1 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 (14.5) oz cans Italian diced tomatoes, drained

1/4 cup tomato sauce (I just used that whole baby can. What was I going to do with leftovers?)

1/2 cup skim ricotta cheese

1/2 cup part skim mozzarella cheese

3 tablespoons parmesan cheese


black pepper

salt (or garlic salt)




1. break lasagna noodles into thirds, boil, drain

2. chop onion and mince garlic

3. heat oil in large pot over medium-high heat, add onions garlic and let cook until soft

4. add diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and seasonings to taste

5. add noodles to pot

6. add ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses, let cook until mixture is thick

7. Enjoy!


This recipe was delicious and one I will definitely make again. Here is the original recipe from the website I pinned. I omitted the mushrooms.



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The Aftermath: New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Hello 2013!

With the new year comes that grand old tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. I guess some of mine are resolution-y, but most of them are just goals that I would like to achieve in the new year. Last year was kind of crazy when I was setting my goals. I was still in school with a thesis hanging over my head. Big changes happened this year!

This post is dedicated to revisiting my 2012 goals and seeing how I did.

  1. Continue healthy meal planning and regular workout routine (before and after graduation).
  2. Run more often. Register for and run a 5k by Fall
  3. Lose ten more pounds (June 30)
  4. Pass my praxis on the first try (Jan 14)
  5. Graduate on time with a thesis I’m proud of (May)
  6. Get a job I love like (May-June)
  7. Take more pictures
  8. Start a blog (post-thesis)
  9. Design planner project
  10. Have my own apartment by the end of the year

Some of these I have written about before when I did a yearly goals update post here and here.

Goals I met earlier in the year are #4, #5, #6 (ish), #7, #8 (obviously), and #10.

As for the others…

1. Continue healthy meal planning and regular workout routine (before and after graduation). I’m totally going to cheat and say that I met this goal. Here is my reasoning. I kept up my healthy meal planning and regular workout routing all the way through graduation AND for the month following. So yes. Based on the wording of that goal I totally met it. In reality, I have not continued meal planning and working out since I moved to Pensacola and started my job. It’s bad and will be addressed in 2013.

2. Run more often. Register for and run a 5k by Fall. I legitimately MET this goal. Nikki and I ran The Christmas Run 5k in downtown Pensacola. Proof:IMG_0240

Look how cute we are in the tutus Nikki made us!

Does it matter that I didn’t train at all? I don’t think so since I did run the whole thing. I was sore the next day, but I going to say that’s because Aaron and I also went bike riding around my neighborhood twice afterwards. Merry Christmas to us from me 🙂

3. Lose ten more pounds (June 30). Joke, obviously.

6. Get a job I love like (May-June). Hmm. I still can’t say I LOVE my job.

I’ve always thought that if you are doing your true calling that it should energize you and make you excited to go to work. Right now I’m spending a lot of afternoons exhausted and drained.

Some exciting new is that my company was recently bought out by a larger company. This could really go either way as far as job happiness goes. It sounds like it could be good though. I’ll get my own ipod touch to do documentation, which means we are finally going computerized. A lot of my energy loss is caused by extremely long and redundant handwritten documentation. My job happiness will dramatically increase if I can complete an evaluation form in less than an hour. (And no it’s not just me because I’m a new-by SLP. It takes the other SLP just as long.)

9. Design planner project. This goal I did not meet, and I’m ok with it. I was very motivated to do this while I was in school and using a planner more regularly, only then I didn’t have the time to design one. Now that I’ve graduated, I really feel like I’d be happy just buying a fancy Erin Condren planner.

Overall, I think I did pretty well.


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